RAW Running Group Photo

Our Story

The reason we started RAW was to bring people together to bust their ass each week to become better runners and improve their fitness.

RAW has done just that. We've all met amazing people and have seen a lot of personal bests go down along the way!

Our Workouts

On Tuesday nights, we meet at 7:00pm at Mean Eyed Cat to do a #HAF workout. No matter the weather, day, or other excuse, we ALWAYS have RAW. We haven't missed a single week since January 1st, 2014.

These workouts range from 400s on the track, to hills, mile repeats, and other hard efforts. We do our absolute best to design workouts so when you show up, you're never running alone, always getting the most out of yourself, and you're having fun.

Join Us

We are made up of runners of all levels, so everyone is welcome at RAW. This is your one day a week to get the most out of yourself and do it with a group of folks that are doing the same.