RAW Running Mission

There are few places left in this world that allow us to get back to our wild, primal, RAW self. We have prioritized comfort and convenience over character and camaraderie. Between the likes and followers, virtue signaling, and online ordering, we have forgotten what it's like to go beyond the carefully crafted borders that we've built for ourselves.

We can't run fast because we might hurt ourselves, we can't talk shit because someone might get offended, and we can't fucking GO FOR IT because we might fail.

RAW is inside us all

It's the feeling we get when we go beyond our limits. RAW is a place beyond the bullshit at work or home. Beyond the bank account, beyond the followers, and beyond your comfort zone.

RAW is that feeling when you silence all the doubts, all the self-imposed limits, all the haters and go HAF.

RAW is not jogging. RAW is not running fast. RAW is going HAF.

RAW is like looking at yourself in the mirror and facing all the imperfections and not giving a fuck, and then talking shit to that person in the mirror.

RAW is talking shit and taking shit. Why? Because you left your ego back at the parking lot and you're among family.

RAW is recognizing that others are going beyond their limit and celebrating it. Fucking yell. Passionately pull for those around you. At the workout, after the workout, and in everyday life.

Oh, yeah, and RAW is a running crew that meets on Tuesday nights.

There will never be dues because no membership is required. The only thing that's required is that you show up and go HAF.

Don't be that guy. That guy that asks about the workout and how long it is and what the rest is. That guy that can't drink a beer because he has a triathlon in 3 months. That guy that doesn't tip the bartenders. That guy that is just coming out to promote their product, business, or how good looking they are. NO ONE CARES, BRUH, have a cigarette!

Benefits of RAWing

As a byproduct of attending RAW, you might attain some of the benefits enjoyed by others who have engaged in regular RAWing over the years:

  • You are a faster runner.
  • You are less of an asshole.
  • You give less fucks about the bullshit holding you back.
  • You swear more.